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pregnant woman drinking coffee

Can I Still Drink Coffee While I'm Pregnant?

Finding out you are pregnant is a hugely exciting time! But with that newly formed pregnancy glow, is another common pregnancy symptom: lethargy. A lot is happening in your body while growing your bundle of joy, and it can make you sooooo sleepy! Most women find themselves craving more cups of coffee than normal, in a time that you are told to REDUCE your coffee intake. We know. It's not fair is it. Luckily Mumma Buzz has you covered! 

But first, the facts:

It is usually recommended that pregnant women stick to 1 - 2 cups of coffee a day to stay under the guideline of 200 milligrams of caffeine per day for pregnant and breastfeeding women. This guideline exists due to studies showing a link between high caffeine intake and problems with baby's growth and development. The benefit of Mumma Buzz Coffee is that this 200 milligrams can be spread out across the day when choosing our half caf blend, so that you don't have to miss out on you caffeination ritual, especially if your pre-pregnancy ritual involved multiple cups a day! You also have the option of combining a few of our half caf cups with some decaf cups across the day, of which you can enjoy endless amounts knowing our decaf option is caffeine free naturally! But what is the reason for all this fuss over caffeine levels during pregnancy? Let us explain. 

How does caffeine affect my pregnancy and baby?

During your pregnancy, caffeine takes longer to metabolise in your body. This means that your daily cups of coffee will linger for longer in your bloodstream. 

Because your baby receives nutrients from your food intake and oxygen through the umbilical cord, when you drink your cup(s) of joe each day, your baby will receive some of that coffee too. It should be noted that there is conflicting research over how much (or how little) caffeine affects your baby in-utero, however the current advice is to keep your caffeine intake under 200mg per day just to be safe. This is where our Mumma Buzz half caf and decaf options really help out, so that although your caffeine intake may be reduced, your number of cups that make up your coveted coffee ritual don't have to!