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Can I Drink Coffee While Breastfeeding?

Can I Drink Coffee While Breastfeeding?

As caffeine is a small molecule which has high bioavailability, caffeine does enter breastmilk. However, most babies are not affected by caffeine unless they are exposed to excessive amounts. This is why we offer chemical free half caf and decaf options of Mumma Buzz, with the same great taste of our full caf blend and same proprietary roasting process, to cater to those women who are currently in the breastfeeding stage of their motherhood journey and would like to blend their full caffeine cups with some half or decaf cups to reduce their overall intake, without compromising on a great tasting coffee for their dedicated me time.

For newborns and babies 3-5 months old, it is recommended to keep caffeine consumption to 300mg per day, as by 3-4 months old, it can still take a baby 3 hours or more to process caffeine.

That being said, the amount of caffeine that gets into a mother's breastmilk is approximately 1% of what she consumes, and the caffeine in her breastmilk usually reaches a peak about 60 minutes after she consumes it. So with that in mind, choosing to have your coffee directly before breastfeeding or directly after a feed means that there will be minimal impact to the breastmilk your baby consumes.

If you are consuming too much caffeine, you may find your baby becomes jittery and unhappy. Too much caffeine is different for every mother, depending on how well a mother's body processes caffeine. The only way to know if you are taking in too much caffeine is to observe your baby for irritability/fussiness that is above and beyond your baby's normal temperament. If this occurs, switching from our full caf to half caf or decaf blends for some or all of your daily cups of joe is a good alternative. 



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